Aware of our potential to make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate, TTT Tax Services proudly partnered with Sithanda Upliftment Projects (NPO) in the year 2014. As individuals forming a company, our hearts immediately aligned with the Mission, Vision and Values of Sithanda Upliftment Projects and this immediately lead to the start of what has proven to be an exceptional journey to date.

The Tax Team proudly supports and contributes to the ongoing efforts of Sithanda Upliftment Projects and together we look forward to many more years of creating positive change in our country.


Shaping the future of South Africa by providing a platform that connects people with the common goal of being the change they wish to see in this world.


Nothing less than realizing the full potential of the human spirit. Our belief is that everyone has the power and will to give back to the community, humans simply lack action. Together we can make a difference and Sithanda provides the platform in order to do so.


Determination and Compassion: We have faith in the difference we can make. Compassion is mankind’s most fundamental response for those who suffer and our efforts can fundamentally alter the degree of suffering in the community.