Does tax season scare you? Here’s why it shouldn’t:

The Tax Team (TTT) has tax season sorted and, very importantly, we actually give a sh*t about our clients.

Tax season for most of us means major anxiety. Who knows if you filled out the right form, if you have to pay in, or if the automated system you’re dealing with (that really doesn’t give a sh*t) is going to give you the best outcome.

More than 13,000 clients in 8 years

TTT has been going for 8 years and we have over 13 000 clients, many of whom are normal individuals just like you. We take care of all the little details in people’s personal taxes and make sure that they get the best possible outcome from their return.

Many of TTT’ existing clients have used us since inception, which is a major commendation.

Our team loves being a part of clients’ journeys – there’s nothing better than supporting someone in their growth, from being an average Joe to the business owner of “Joe’s Plumbing”.  

The team here at TTT are not robots punching in numbers (which is what the taxman seems to think all people are). We are real people, who like helping other real people.      

Taxes are scary. TTT isn’t scared.

On a scale of 1 to terrified, how do you feel about tax season? That can end, today.

Because you might say taxes are scared of TTT. And something our team really enjoys is helping clients to see taxes as an opportunity, not something to run away from.

Nothing makes our day like someone calling in overjoyed about an unexpected rebate they got from the taxman. A rebate, by the way, they probably wouldn’t have gotten without TTT knowing its stuff when it comes to taxes.

With TTT, there’s always explaining

TTT will happily file your return for you and explain the process in easy-to-understand terms. Importantly, TTT knows that accuracy is essential to avoid any nasty surprises in the final calculation of your tax return. And so they take extra care in submitting your tax returns, while ensuring you’re kept in the loop the whole time.   

That’s what you call making tax season less sh*t, while also giving a sh*t.

Check out TTT to find out how they can help you: