Insurance and tax: two things most of us avoid like the plague. But they can be hugely beneficial. Here’s why!

We strive to give our clients holistic financial support that (actually!) benefits them. Not only do we have the tea when it comes to tax, but we also know which insurance suits your needs best and how to help with your accounting.

Because who wants to take the time to make sure your financial house is in order? We do!

One man, two superpowers: Tax and Insurance

Introducing Brandon Wanless, Managing Director and Co-Owner of Comprehensive Choice and Business Manager of TTT.  

We chatted with Brandon about how the TTT Financial Group is the expert on both tax and insurance – and why that matters!

(By the way, Brandon is stepson to Johan and stepbrother to Roscoe Dekker, the father-and-son duo managing our team. Read more here.)

Brandon joined the team in 2013. He explains that although he’s “historically… been in short-term insurance (for about twenty-two years now)”, Brandon is part of the senior management for TTT and has his own tax client base.

Brandon explains to us how having an RA is different to having a provident fund. And why you really need the former.

Aside from needing a plan for your retirement, an RA is enormously beneficial when it comes to tax. This is one of the many ways tax and insurance can be great partners.

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.”-Brandon Wanless

What does a parachute and insurance have in common? If it doesn’t work the first time you need it, it’s useless.

Brandon reflects on the “bold calling” he would do at the start of his career, walking into businesses. Gruelling times. But also valuable because he would get to know the businesses intimately. These days, we do things a little differently but what hasn’t changed is the importance of understanding what our clients actually need.

Brandon’s aim is to find out what a client would need if calamity did strike: “You meet the small business owner and try to understand, ‘What is your biggest concern? What are the nuts and bolts that you would need to get back up and running?’”.

It’s clear Brandon’s passionate about SMMEs. For him, “insurance is about catastrophic or devastating loss,” but it’s also about keeping “your overheads down. Especially if you’re a new business that’s just started.” As Brandon says, “I can go in and offer you everything under the sun. But we don’t do that.”

Instead, the team asks the key question: “What do you need to stay operational?”

 “It’s about understanding your business.”- Brandon Wanless

“Spending my day looking for insurance is a great use of my time!” said no one ever.

Having your own tax consultant and your own insurance broker in one, is hugely beneficial.

Brokers deal with various insurers so they do the admin for you. But they also get the best possible deal. And you may not know this but having a broker doesn’t cost anything extra.

The broker’s commission is included in the insurance premiums, whether you make use of them or not. And, in fact, insurers normally provide cheaper insurance premiums for brokers, because of the business they bring.

Another bonus to having your own broker (who actually gives a damn and is not a hippo-bot) is that “As you expand and as you scale” your broker will help you shift accordingly, Brandon explains.

Contact the team and find out how to win at tax and insurance with the help of a personal consultant.

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