Top traits to impress the next best thing after the taxman – a tax practitioner.

When you’re shopping for a tax fundi, you probably have a few criteria in mind: affordable, knowledgeable – and a human. If you’re a client of ours, you already know we check all those boxes. And more.

But what values do the tax consultants appreciate in their clients?

Just like you rely on the pilot to fly the plane safely (#DecemberHoliday), you also rely on your tax practitioner to be a skilled co-pilot.

So, put your trays in an upright position, and let’s explore what the TTT team thinks are qualities in a quality client.


Your tax practitioner is your seasoned captain. They’ve weathered tax tempests before and they’re equipped with the knowledge and expertise to fly you to calmer skies.

But trust is a two-way street. You wouldn’t board a plane if you didn’t think there was a flight plan, right?

Tax specialists aren’t just “winging it” – and they love it when you don’t either!

One of the top traits is a client’s trust in the professional. Once that exists – maybe ONLY when that exists – can the real work begin.

And the quickest way to love at first flight? Having your documents in order:

The trait I value most in clients is their trust in me to look after their tax affairs.

Linda Spies, Administration Manager


A pilot wouldn’t dream of taking off without that meticulously organised flight plan. But your tax practitioner is not a magician; they can’t make that plan if you don’t give them what they need. So, gather your financial documents, sort them like a pro-organiser at a decluttering seminar, and hand them over with a proud smile, not a sheepish apology.

Remember, your tax practitioner is your co-pilot – not a mind reader. In order to devise the best flight plan, they need to see the weather patterns clearly.

If you’ve had any major life changes – marriage, kids, or maybe investing in a pet rock – share that information. They can’t factor in your new rock’s yields if they don’t know about it.

Communication is key if you want your captain to get you to a tropical island … instead of an ice tundra.

"I really enjoy it when clients provide a thorough explanation of their income and expenses. You know what to expect and what to look out for, so that everything is captured on the return. This can be a detailed call or email.” - Annerie Nel, Training Manager

Communication is key if you want your captain to get you to a tropical island … instead of an ice tundra.

It’s a tremendous help when a client is organised with the information they’ve provided. There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving a jumble of disordered documents. When a client presents their documents in an organised manner, it not only speeds up the claims process, but it also allows us to focus on the actual tax work.

Madison Harley, Administration Assistant

It’s so helpful when documents are not in dribs and drabs, and clients are neat and have all their documents in order … some of them even have all their statements highlighted and categorised!

Janett Honiball, Tax Assistant


Communication with your tax practitioner is crucial. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re feeling as lost as an unclaimed piece of luggage, pick up the phone and give your co-pilot a call.

Even with trust, organisation and communication, tax season can still be anxiety-inducing – like that sudden drop mid-air. Sometimes you need a change in “altitude” to keep the trip pleasant:

It makes a big difference when a client responds to my emails timeously and I don’t have to keep following up with them.

Bianca Bowes, Tax Administrator

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A sense of humour

“Personality! One of my clients was absolutely hilarious. His emails were just filled with jokes and he was very kind too. I don’t get those kinds of emails so it’s definitely something I treasure and won’t forget.” – Pamela  Motsi, Tax Assistant

How did you fare?

Luckily, even if you got 0/4, our team will take you on. Some of our team have even said they relish a challenging co-pilot (read more here).

Why? Because we think everyone deserves the best possible tax return. Plane and simple.

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